About Us

Cenariwood® is a company dedicated to the design and execution of custom made wardrobes, kitchens and all kind of complementary forniture.

We optimize your space creating functional enviroments perfectly adjusted to your needs and preferences in a way that only custom made furniture can do.

We are endowed with a team of designers capable of providing you a personalized service through the presentation of projects and tridimensional simulation. We give life to your spaces.

With many years of experience in this market we are aware that a really good team can make a huge difference in what concerns to deliver and exceed expectations of a market that is more and more competitive and demanding.

Technology and Inovation

With the evolution of techonology and the requirement of the market we are in, wether in terms of complexity of projects or the competitiveness of the delivery deadlines, we have no option but optimizing processes.

In this framework, Cenariwood® bets on designers and tecnicians with specialized training and qualified manpower. Each one of these departments gets supported by specified softwares and industrial highly precisive machinery.

So we are perfectly up to any challenge presented by our costumers knowing that we will always be able to respond with the seriousness ant profissionalism that we are already known by.

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