About Us

Cenariwood® is a company dedicated to the design and execution of custom made wardrobes, kitchens and all kind of complementary furniture.

We optimize your space creating functional enviroments perfectly adjusted to your needs and preferences in a way that only custom made furniture can do.

Credibility and experience

Cenariwood has 11 years of existence in the market taking a path of good practices with employees, suppliers, customers and the environment. It’s a responsible company, demanding in quality and suitable. We have professionals with training in the area and extensive experience. Only then are we up to the daily demands!

Personalized and qualified service

Cenariwood has at its disposal a team of trained designers who, together with you, develop the project and budget adjusted to your space and your needs. These professionals use specific software and are very close to the technicians and factory, these tools bring additional knowledge and capacity to carry out effective and viable projects!

Specialized technical office

Nothing is left to chance. These professionals are dedicated exclusively to the verification of technical details making the connection between the creative area and the factory, creating all the viability necessary for the execution of the furniture.

Great production capacity and quality

We are manufacturers! Cenariwood has industrial facilities equipped with countless high-precision and productive machinery. These machines, operated by experienced professionals, provide us with conditions of excellence, both in terms of quality of finishes and production capacity, and thus respond quickly and effectively to all projects, even large ones. It is thanks to all these characteristics that we are among the best responsive companies in the country in the area of wardrobes and kitchens!

Own installation teams

The quality of bespoke furniture does not end with manufacture! Rare are the times when the furniture provided does not need to be fixed or adapted to the space. Even thoug the furniture is high quality, if it is not well installed, it will ruin its quality. That is why we are keen to emphasize the fact that we have our own installation teams. These teams work closely with designers, technicians and the factory. Being knowledgeable of manufacturing methodologies, creative intentions and endowed with techniques and good finishing tools, they are able to ensure a final product of excellence meeting the highest expectations of our customers!

Technical assistance and after sales service

We are confident in our work and give a 5-year warranty to the products installed by us! Still, we are at your disposal for any eventuality in the future. During the useful life of the furniture, there may be a need for assistance. We respect our customers and Cenariwood guarantees technical assistance whenever you request it, whether or not it is within the scope of the warranty!

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